Today was my last day of undergrad research. 

The grad student I work under was gone watching ticks climb a pole for an experiment, so I texted her thanking her for everything and wishing her luck on her internship. She said “thanks! thanks you did a lot of work!” uh ok? Why do I try?

ESPECIALLY after she added me a few weeks ago on facebook so I can scroll through her posts (yeah, she’s one of those who updates hundreds of “friends” on her life every day) to find ones trashing undergrads (and I was the only undergrad at the time of the post). 


If I see you at planet fitness and you are wearing gloves, chances are I’m judging you. If you are using the smith machine to bench and are wearing gloves, there is no need to judge you. Everyone knows you’re a pansy.


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6 more days and I will be here.


credit: alphalyrae1


THROWBACK THURSDAY to about two weeks ago when the Bulls beat the Wizards, and I made eye contact with Noah. 

My cat keeps bringing me lovely little presents. Like these mating ticks.

After she gets impregnanted, she is going to lay thousands of eggs, die, and then rot (usually covered in fungus). If that’s not the most romantic thing you can think of, I don’t know what is.

Dream man


Today was a rough day so I bought myself a Benny the bull hat, a Bull’s t-shirt, and a keychain. 

Now it feels so much better that I had to deal with a demeaning “are you familar with m1v1=m2v2?” like I don’t have a degree in bio and haven’t been accepted to a WAY better grad program than the shitty one here.



If this isn’t on your blog, you’re tumbling wrong


*tips chromosomes* m’tosis